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"New" Nomads Blog

Nomads Blog is a new application within Nomads Notes travel diary software that allows the user to quickly and easily share their travels with family and friends on the web in a great, professional looking blog. The Nomads Notes user needs no web or blog building experience or expertise. Nomads Blog is a paid subscription service

For a limited time purchase a six months Nomads Blog subscription with Nomads Notes and receive a 50% discount of the cost of your blog subscription. Choose Nomads and Blog from the drop down menu on the shopping cart page

Nomads Blog allows the Nomads Notes user to keep family and friends up to date quickly and easily

The easy way you can produce a web page to keep all your friends & ‘relos’ up to date with what's happening
Norman, Queensland, Australia

Here is what is included in Nomads Blog 

Click on the links to see screen shots of the program

Blog your Nomads Notes Journal entries. Just a few click of the mouse once you have completed your journal entry and you have a professional looking blog

Home Page- Allows the user to introduce themselves and their travels. Write a shot blurb about yourself or your travels so the reader can get to know what you are up to. You can add a photo of your self or any other photo that depicts you or your travels

Latest Tab - Takes the reader direct to your latest blog post. This will show them what you have been up to most recently

Search Tab - Takes the reader to a search page where you can see a summary of your trip or trips and choose a particular blog to view by date or description

Gallery - All the photos from your Journal entries on one page to allow easy slideshow type viewing of your Journal photos

Interactive Maps -The addition of latitude and longitude data in the Journal entry or Campsite data will allow a Google map to be included in the blog. This will show where you were at the time of the entry or where you camped that night. The map is interactive and you can zoom in and out or look at satellite or hybrid views.

Notify -   – Set your settings to Notify if you would like to send your family and friends an automatic email to let them know you have updated your blog

Password Protect -Your blog can be available to anyone on the World Wide Web, or be password protected so only those you choose to have access will be able to view your blog. The choice is yours and you set a password to suit yourself. If you choose to password protect your blog your family and friends will automatically be sent your password so they can view the blog when you notify them of an update.

Background Themes - You can change the look and feel of your blog as often as you like. There are 6 background themes to choose from, a desktop, summer, nature, old world or choose and Australian or USA themed background. The magic does not stop there though. Each theme is dynamic - that is there are subtle changes to each theme every day just to keep it interesting. Each theme has 10 different sub themes which rotate every 24 hours so you never get bored of a theme

Blog Admin – In your Blog Admin page you can change your background, what photos you show on your front page and what date format you use.  

Status - Keep track of your upload status at a glance. 4 different icons show you if your blog is up to date, whether edits or new Journal entries need uploading, or if your Journal has never been blogged


Nomads Blog is a subscription service. That is, there is a cost involved for this service. The cost is currently on a yearly basis. There is a two (2) month complimentary trial period for you to try out the Blog. Once you have requested your complimentary trial period you will be sent an email within 24 hours with a key to commence the service  
Here are some comment from current users
  • So easy to use, and user friendly. After an hour I love it all
  • Just the ability to keep a journal of your trips and it’s an easy way to let family and friends keep track of what you’re doing
  • The ability to upload quickly and easily to the web and have selected people notified by email about it (keeping in touch with family and friends)
For a limited time purchase a six months Nomads Blog subscription with Nomads Notes and receive a 50% discount of the cost of your blog subscription. Choose Nomads and Blog from the drop down menu on the shopping cart page

If you do not have your copy of Nomads Notes as yet

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The good point is you just transfer your trip entries to the Blog. I am about to do a tour up the centre & west coast and it will enable us to keep our family & friends informed. I was going to use another Blog site but now will use Nomads.
Allan, Queensland, Australia 

For Australian residents only - If you would like to purchase by cheque please contact us for details

Nomads Notes is require to use Nomads Blog. Complete Comprehensive Instruction Manual available